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JCB Plant Security


JCB provide a wide selection of high-quality, sophisticated safety and security devices. All are available supplied and fitted by Scot JCB.

  • JCB Tracker provides peace of mind 24 hours a day, alerting the Tracker network whenever a machine is moved without authorisation.
  • JCB Immobiliser automatically deactivates the machine once the ignition is turned off and the key removed.
  • JCB Rodlock fits to the steering ram when the wheels are on full lock, making it impossible to move the machine in a straight line.
  • JCB Tracklock locks tracks to the undercarriage so you can't move the machine. Available for steel and rubber tracks.
  • JCB Battery Isolator is a key-operated switch that breaks the battery circuit, so a would-be thief won't be able to start the engine with the ignition key.
  • JCB Safety Strut locks the boom ram securely whilst working underneath.
  • JCB Vandalguard locks securely onto your cab providing a physical and visual deterrent against damage.
  • JCB Dashboard Vandalguard fits across sensitive and costly instruments, helping prevent your machine from being tampered with.
  • JCB Cab Covers are available in rigid and flexible form to provide protection against vandalism.
  • JCB See and be Seen is a wide range of products designed to help protect operators and machines, including: flashing beacons, replacement mirrors, reflectors and reflective strips, suitable for all machines; basic necessities such as a dual-purpose, heavy-duty screenwash, plantwash, replacement wiper blades and rubbers; a handy first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
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