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3CX Compact

Designed for convenience and compatibility within bustling urban areas, JCB’s state-of-the-art backhoe loader 3CX Compact is comprised of innovative mechanics and can reach road speeds of up to 40 km/h.

The 3CX Compact is the ideal machine for road repairs and its small size allows it to fit into spaces that standard size backhoes may find inaccessible. It is perfectly suitable for a wide range of road fixtures including permanent pothole repair preparation, collapsed kerbs and collapsed drains. This machine also offers a wide range of multipurpose functions making it incredibly versatile. Some of these functions include an under 6m turning circle allowing it to operate in a single carriageway which means a road can be kept open. Other functions include forkwork, drainage, carrying hot tar, moving kerbstones and more.

The 3CX Compact by JCB also comes complete with a handheld tool circuit which permits the use of breakers, disc cutters and other power tools which can be used while the attachments on the machine are also in use.

A Multipurpose Machine

An expert in permanent pothole repair, this machine perfectly plans, cuts and sweeps up. The sweeper collector thoroughly prepares surfaces for work while the patch planer uses its high-speed drum to cut precise vertical sides to planed areas. The handheld tool circuit consists of a 9m hose reel which supplies power to a large range of hydraulic tools and a handy retract system makes for an easy tidy up after the job is done. Reduce work time with the 10 or 12ft extending dipper which lessens the need to reposition the machine, a time efficient feature. Additional attachments available include stabiliser street pads, switchable ISO SAE controls and LED light kit.

3CX Gravemaster

JCB goes the extra mile with the 3CX Compact Gravemaster – designed exclusively for cemeteries, it carries all of your tools in one place. Its compact size allows it to create minimal disturbance and fit in the smallest areas of your cemetery. Additionally, ideal for ground maintenance, the multi-purpose shovel can move soil and rock salt, distribute gravel and wood chippings, clear leaves and rubbish, break rocks and more. Do not let the condensed size of the 3CX Compact fool you, its multiuse functions allow it to do the work of multiple machines. The Gravemaster even comes with a handheld tool circuit with a 9m hose reel which hosts tools such as breakers, saws, drills and submersible pumps to clear water.

The 3CX Compact is an exceptional addition to any fleet. With multipurpose functions and compact size, it is the utmost performer in road repairs.


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