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HTD5 Dumpster

The JCB HTD5 Dumpster is a walk behind, compact, high-tip, diesel-powered mini dumper designed to save you time, energy and money.

The HTD5 features two speed tracking to give precision and control at low speeds and efficiency for travelling across site at high speed. A maximum machine width of 690mm means the Dumpster can fit through a standard doorway, and a tip height of 1,450mm means it can be tipped directly into a skip or high sided vehicle making it highly adaptable on the construction site.

The Dumpster also features a 5.9hp diesel engine, a carrying capacity of 500KG, CESAR data tag option, pull out engine, and electric start as standard. Lifting buzzer, bull bar, and hour metre allowing you to track use and wear are available as optional extras.

HTD5 Dumpster in garden

Exceptional tip height

The HTD5 features a tip height of 1,450mm thanks to its hydraulic lift function allowing you to empty the machine directly into a skip or high sided vehicle without risking unnecessary strain or injury.

Huge load capacity

With a massive load capacity of 500kg for such a small machine, the HTD5 makes light work of almost any carrying and unloading task. Making it a highly useful and versatile piece of kit on any construction site.

Precision and control

Highly adaptable to its situation and surroundings, this machine is incredibly easy to use, even for beginners, thanks to its 2-speed tracking that provides precision and accuracy at low speeds and flexibility for travelling across site at higher speeds. With a width of just 690mm, the Dumpster also fits through a standard doorway.


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