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JCB Hydradig

Be the First with the JCB Hydradig

The First True Hydraulic Wheeled Excavator from JCB

The new JCB Hydradig is the first true wheeled excavator designed for purpose, from the ground up. A machine designed without compromise. Why settle for second best when you can be first?

JCB has launched a completely new, innovative tool-carrying solution, which is set to radically change the way in which modern construction projects are undertaken, particularly in congested urban environments and on busy road networks.

First for Visibility

  • All four wheels are easily viewable from the driving position
  • A reduced tailswing allows you to work in tighter confines much easier than other excavators 
  • The driver's cab has been designed using more glass than other models to enhance visibility
  • Comes with optional LED lights, powerful enough to create daylight working conditions at night

The JCB Hydradig is first for visibility

First for Stability

  • A reduced tailswing and class-leading over the side stability allow you to work in total confidence
  • The engine and tanks are mounted to the chassis, creating a lower centre of gravity
  • Am option of single, dual or flotation tyres are available to suit ground conditions
  • A selection of dozer and stabilizer options are available to match all jobs

The JCB Hydradig provides unrivalled stability

First for Mobility

  • Press and go to 40kph with a stepless single speed transmission
  • A 2.6m wheelbase and lower centre of gravity provide unrivaled stability 
  • A trailer and a 3.5T towing capacity means you can pull loads or take your attachments with you
  • The 81kW JCB Ecomax engine achieves high torque and low revs

The JCB Hydradig provides excellent mobility

First for Manoeuvrability

  • A turning radius of under 4m, allowing work in a single carriageway
  • 2 wheel steering, 4 wheel steering and crab steering modes available
  • A reverse steer option allows you to always face forwards
  • Class leading axle oscillation allows you to go anywhere

The JCB Hydradig has great Manoeuvrability

First for Serviceability

  • Class leading SAE rating provides unrivaled serviceability
  • Ground level access for all daily checks means no more climbing onto the upper structure
  • 500 hour intervals on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser grease points

JCB Hydradig Serviceability

See the Hydradig in Action

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