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Bale Handling

High Back Bale Spike

The JCB High Back Bale Spike has been designed to carry 3 Quadrant bales or 2 Helston bales. This version, with 40mm forged square tines, provides added stability for placing bales on to a stack or retrieving them subsequently, especially when the high lift capability of a telehandler is being exploited.

Single Bale Spike

For efficient handling of round bales up to 1800mm diameter. The lower tine prevents rotation of the bale.

Twin Bale Spikes

Twin bale spikes offer safe and effective handling of two round bales up to 1,800mm diameter, or single rectangular bales up to 1200mm x 1200mm x 2500mm. Features include a compact tool carrier and tool carrier pickups.

Twin or Single Bale Spike

The convertible bale spike comes with bolt-on tines which enable the attachment to be used in the single or twin-spike configuration. Either can be chosen to suit the capacity of the loader being used and the removable tines can also be easily replaced when worn, or removed for added safety when travelling on the road.

Wrapped Bale Handler

The JCB Wrapped Bale Handler has a unique release locking design that allows you to remove tine covers without tools. Greased points of moving parts for extended life and there are no sharp edges for handling wrapped and unwrapped round bales.

Clap Hands Bale Grab

The JCB Clap Hands Bale Grab Options will pick up either round or square bales with a wide opening and this is available for all TH, Compact TH and TM machines. It’s fully enclosed frame provides reliability and a smooth structure which preserves the plastic wrap.

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