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JCB Shovels

Multi Shovel

The JCB Multi shovel range has increased from 9 versions up to 32. It now has increased strength which seen the design change from a 2-piece shell to an 8mm mono bloc shell.  The attachment has also had the load capacity increased which allows trouble-free handling of silage.

  • Increased spill guard
  • Forged or fabricated tines
  • Bolt on or weld on toe plate

Bucket Brushes

The JCB Bucket Brush has been fully galvanised and will fit a wide range of grain shovels from 1.85m to 2.45m. The design is stronger and lighter than before meaning it is more efficient.  This attachment can also be used forward and reverse. The range includes 5 models.

Grain Shovels

The new JCB light and durable Grain Shovels are made from Domex 700MC steel which is stronger than the previous metal used and is 50% stronger than the steel used by competitors. This product has undergone many hours of salt testing and with the improved geometry of this attachment, the Grain Shovel has increased tear-out force and material retention.

6 in 1 Shovel

JCB 6 in 1 Shovels are available in a variety of widths to increase your machines versatility and are available with direct or quick hitch mount options. This shovel allows for dozing, grabbing, loading, digging grading and backfilling.

General Purpose Shovels

The JCB range of GP Shovels is available in a variety of widths and capacities to your requirements. These are supplied with a drilled toe plate as standard enabling you to adapt the shovel to either toe plate or teeth while the rolled top section gives increased structural integrity.

Heavy Duty Shovels

JCB Heavy Duty shovels are designed and manufactured to match the machine capability in hard dig operations while incorporating additional strengthening to maintain durability.

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