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JCB Industry Rushes to Aid of Filipino Disaster Survivors

In the UK, the effort to support those suffering in the aftermath of the recent typhoon in the Philippines has been tremendous.  The government, people and various charities have all taken it upon themselves to donate large sums of money to help those who really need it, even despite the fact that the UK’s economy is not doing so fantastically itself and hard-working people are struggling to pay their bills. 

Still, people from the UK have done their part.  The JCB industry can also hold its head up with pride, as we have learnt that JCB are to donate half a million dollars-worth of equipment and aid to support the victims of the natural disaster. 

The Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan

The suffering of the Filipino people following the tragedy of typhoon Haiyan has been a terrible ordeal. Children have become parentless and whole families have been torn from their homes, with whole villages and towns being wiped away in the space of a single day.  This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being left homeless, without food, water clothes or shelter. 

General UK Aid

In the UK, people responded to the suffering of others with tremendous vigour.  In the first two weeks, over 17,488 shelter kits, 38,569 tarpaulins, 16,230 hygiene kits and 5,925 jerry cans were sent.  This aid was only the tip of the iceberg, however, with £50 million being sent by the UK government, along with RAF C-17 and C-130 Hercules aircrafts.  Many governments, international charities and organisations came together to donate significantly to a cause that really does matter.

JCB Respond

The British digger producer – one of the largest in the world – donated more than $500,000-worth of diggers and to help in the aftermath of the typhoon.  3 of the company’s industry-leading 3CX backhoes have been shipped over to the struggling territory to help remove the terrible debris which is preventing the nation from being able to pick itself up out of the rubble and start afresh. 

Along with the 3 large diggers, the company has also provided over 120 electrical generators to help bring the country’s power back online after it was obliterated by the typhoon.  It might be only a temporary solution, but the generators will help to restore power to specific targets including hospitals and local authority buildings which will help get the nation back on its feet. 

According to JCB, the backhoe loader is perfect for an operation of this scope as its front shovel is not only a good digger, but makes a good bulldozer, too.  This makes it a decent multipurpose tool which – right now – is very much needed. 

In conclusion, JCB’s donation of over half a million dollars’ worth of equipment will help those people in the Philippines who need to clear away all of the suffering they have been forced to participate in and begin again.  It might seem like a small contribution, but the JCB industry can hold its head high and be proud. 

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