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Meet John, Our Trainer from Glasgow

John Littleton, our Trainer at the Scot JCB head office in Glasgow, has been with us for over 15 years! We sat down with John to find more about him and his role at the Scot JCB Group.

What has your journey been like at Scot JCB since you began?

“It’s certainly changed quite a bit! When I first started in 2004, I was a Field Service Engineer who initially dealt with both Agriculture and Construction. I was in this role until 2013 when I ran the workshop in Carlisle but around this time, JCB were looking for inhouse trainers which appealed to me and in 2014 I decided to move to Glasgow to start my role as a trainer.”

What was training like when it first took off?

“The training itself was quite sporadic at the beginning, with only a couple of courses per month but now it’s hectic! On average, there’s about one course a week which starts on a Monday morning and runs through to Friday – but on some weeks there’s even more!”

What has changed the most since you started?

“I’d say the size. The Scot JCB Group was only about 5 or 6 depots when I first started but since then, we have expanded as a company as well as acquired Kelso and Lothian and AM Phillip. I can’t believe we now have 17 depots!”

Do you use any specialist equipment while training?

“The main piece of equipment that I use and which I find the most useful is the big touch screen for PowerPoint presentations. It helps draw the attention of students and makes life a lot easier for me! The new training centre has also been a great addition and has been a big step since I first started as a trainer. The setup of the training room is ideal.”

Do you think the training centre has made a difference?

“Definitely! It has been a big change but a great help. Everything’s always there when I need it and the general setup and layout is exactly how I need it to be for my training. We used to do all the training in the conference room but moving to the training centre has become so handy. I remember when we all used to fight for space in the workshop, but the training centre helps keep work and training separate and it’s very much out the way of everyone.”

Do you find being a Trainer challenging at times?

“Well the biggest challenge today was my 4:45 alarm call! Fortunately, being a trainer, I haven’t encountered many challenges. There can be issues with sourcing machines on the right day to make sure logistics run smoothly. Also, making sure everyone knows what is expected of them during their training is essential.”

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