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Scot JCB Group Apprenticeships 2022

This year Scot JCB Group will be taking on apprentices across the company portfolio. We will be looking for apprentices to join Scot JCB, SPS, SIA and Scot Agri. Our apprenticeship scheme is ideal for individuals who are intrigued by all things mechanical and are keen to develop their skills while earning a wage. All apprenticeships are a combination of college, in-house training and on the job training over four years. At the end of this you will gain an NVQ/SVQ qualification and be able to work independently in your chosen area of expertise.  

We spoke with our current apprentices to see why they chose to work with Scot JCB Group and how they have found their apprenticeship journey with us so far.  

Ryan Dale 3rd Year Apprentice 

Why did you choose to apply and work for Scot JCB Group? 


From a young age I have always been interested in working with tools and finding out how things work. I helped my grandad on the family farm and my favourite jobs were always looking after the machinery. For example, I would make sure all the machinery was ready for the day’s work and if anything was broken down, I would help my grandad fix it and get them back to work again. I just always wanted to do it as a job and my passion has just grown on from there really. 


What do you enjoy most about working at Scot JCB Group? 


I like diagnosing faults on machines and seeing how the mechanical and electrical parts of the machine works and fixing them. I take pride in my work when fitting new parts/kits to machines. For example, low flow to diggers and various other fabrication jobs to brand new machines and making my work look like factory finish. I also enjoy meeting new friends and colleagues. 


Marc McMahon 2nd Year Apprentice  

Why did you choose to apply to and work for Scot JCB Group? 

I had my mind set on a career in engineering and Scot JCB was a good option because all the different machinery I would get the chance to work on and learning about all different aspects of engineering like hydraulics, electric, pneumatics etc. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Scot JCB Group? 

Having such a large variety of different jobs and machines to work on meaning I’m not doing the same thing every day. 

Max Whittam 4th Year Apprentice 

Why did you choose to apply and work for Scot JCB Group? 

I was looking for an apprenticeship in agricultural engineering, I happened to know someone who was completing an apprenticeship with Scot JCB so after speaking with them I decided it would be worth applying and then once I was given the offer of the apprenticeship, I took it as the information given to me showed it was what I was looking for and would teach me the things I wanted to learn.   


What do you enjoy most about working at Scot JCB? 

The thing I enjoy most about working at Scot JCB is that you are trusted. For example once you have completed college you are given a work van and allowed to carry out your own jobs which has helped me learn and develop my skills.  


If you have a passion for all things mechanical and our current engineers’ experiences sound exciting, we would love to hear from you. You can apply here and we will be in touch with the next stages of the process which may involve a chat with the depot supervisor and a practical exercise.  


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