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Hydrogen – The Fossil Fuel Alternative

There is a real challenge within our industry to replace fossil fuel with a carbon neutral alternative that still enables the high levels of productivity expected and of course a full working day. The E-TECH range from JCB has paved the way for zero carbon machinery however there are times where batteries will not be able to do the job due to the power needed or the location of the machine, so another option was required. 


Engineers at JCB have been hard at work developing the first hydrogen motor in our industry. They have utilised existing technology to produce an engine where the power is supplied through hydrogen combustion similarly to how the diesel engine works. The prototype Backhoe has been out working and is capable of everything the diesel-powered counterpart is.  Also, JCB’s technology is much simpler than hydrogen fuel-cell technology and the only thing emitted while working is steam making it zero CO2 at point of use.  


Hydrogen is the future for powering machinery, it is available in abundance and uses technology which is familiar, cost-effective and simple.  


Lord Bamford, JCB Chairman added “I have never been content with the status quo. Just because things have been done in a certain way for years is no reason not to do things differently. Successful businesses need to be reinventing themselves all of the time; keeping ahead of events, keeping ahead of competitors, but most importantly, keeping customers happy. That’s why everyone at JCB is challenged to be always looking for a better way. It’s our operating model – it ensures JCB does the right thing all of the time for the benefit of our customers and of course. It’s what makes us stand out in our industry.  


JCB  - Always Looking For A Better Way  

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