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An Extraordinary JCB 150X Helps Raise Awareness for Melanoma UK.

A change to the iconic JCB colours took centre stage on the Scot JCB Group stand at Penrith Agricultural Show 2023. The striking appearance of a JCB 150X, with black and grey paintwork, caught the eye of visitors on the day and was part of the ‘1st place trade stand’ awarded to our team at the show. However, the message behind the paintwork proved most important, as B & A Young Developments Ltd.’s Barry Young specially commissioned the paintwork as a tribute to the help and support from Melanoma UK during his diagnosis of Melanoma.

Penrith Show is one of the highlights in the southern region of our territory. The family-friendly show is a celebration of agriculture and innovation, as well as providing a great day out for those in the area. On the Scot JCB Group stand, a range of new construction and agricultural-focused machinery was on display, as well as the great hospitality provided by the team. Yet an opportunity to feature something unique was presented in the lead-up to the show, as Barry Young’s special edition JCB 150X was ready to be showcased, with one of the largest shows in the region becoming the perfect opportunity.

A Unique Machine

The machine had originally started as an upgrade for an older JCB JS145 for B&A Young Developments, as they looked to either go with a JCB 140X or 150X. However, after finding out towards the end of 2022 that he had been diagnosed with Stage Three Melanoma, Barry wanted to commemorate the support he had received from Melanoma UK since his diagnosis with something special. Having been a loyal customer of Scot JCB Group for many years, when Barry was looking to add something extra to his new excavator, the business was able to help with his new purchase and paintwork idea.

Taking the colours symbolic of Melanoma UK and applying them to the machine, Barry aimed to raise awareness, spark conversations, and encourage donations to continue the invaluable work of their cause. Scot JCB, along with JCB, aided in bringing the idea of a custom paint job to reality. As a fully functional machine, the team had the pleasure of having the machine on display at the show before it enters contracting works in the Cumbria region.


Melanoma and Barry’s Goal

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Within our skin, there are cells called melanocytes that produce melanin, giving the skin its colour. Melanoma occurs when melanocytes begin to grow uncontrollably and form cancerous tumours. Although not the most common type of skin cancer, Melanoma can cause significant health risks due to its ability to spread to other parts of the body. However, if it is diagnosed early, it can significantly reduce the damage caused by the disease. Organisations such as Melanoma UK play a vital role in increasing public awareness and patient support during their treatment.

To find out more about Melanoma, including support for those affected by it, find out more on the Melanoma website at

As he summarises with his story, Barry has spent his career in the construction industry, with a greater amount of time spent in direct UV radiation exposure. Extensive exposure to UV radiation can be one of the main causes of Melanoma, and as he continues to work with his special JCB 150X, he hopes to continue these conversations and support already gained over the first weekend as he aims to raise an impressive £3,000.


An Impressive Display

For the machine, being featured on the stand allowed extra exposure before it begins its contract work life. Featuring on the stand at the show which won the 1st prize for trade stands, it highlighted not only the visual impressiveness of the machine itself but the importance of the underlying message that the machine supports.

After a successful debut at the Penrith show, the black-and-grey JCB 150X will now start on contracts within the Cumbria region. Everyone at Scot JCB firmly wishes Barry and his family the very best as they continue in this challenging time, and we are delighted to have helped play a part in raising awareness of Melanoma in the construction industry. As the machine settles into work, we look forward to providing more images and videos of it continuing to generate awareness and support.

To support Barry please donate here

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