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Welcome Martin Cannon: Scot JCB Group’s New Group Parts Manager

A Fresh Start with Extensive Experience

We are thrilled to introduce Martin Cannon as our new Group Parts Manager at Scot JCB Group. Martin joined us in March, bringing with him a rich tapestry of experience and innovative ideas. His journey took him from Apprentice Electrician to automotive sales with prominent brands like Mercedes-Benz to commercial sales and eventually to demolition sales. Before joining Scot JCB, Martin honed his leadership skills at Volvo, managing parts functions across multiple depots in Scotland and North England where he significantly boosted business performance.

Vision for the Future

Martin’s immediate focus is on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our parts department. With a fresh perspective, untethered by industry conventions, he aims to implement strategies that balance robust sales with sensible stock management. His approach is cantered on understanding and improving processes, ensuring that every team member feels empowered and aligned with our core objectives. Martin is particularly keen on fostering a culture where quick, effective decision-making is the norm, and learning from failures is a stepping stone to success.

Why Scot JCB?

For Martin, the decision to join Scot JCB was driven by the company's commitment to growth and excellence. During his discussions with our leadership team, it became clear that his experience in transforming parts operations could greatly benefit our group. The alignment of his professional goals with our corporate vision made Scot JCB Group the perfect fit. Moreover, Martin appreciated our shared customer base with his previous roles, which promised a smooth transition and immediate impact. Martin added, "I'm eager to dive into my role, starting with visits to each of our depots to connect with our dedicated teams. I also look forward to engaging with our manufacturers and, importantly, our valued customers. Scot JCB Group has an esteemed reputation across Scotland and the North of England, and I'm thrilled about the opportunities ahead. I'm excited to demonstrate the positive impact I can bring to this role and to the future of our company."

Scot JCB Group Joint Managing Director Robin Bryant added “Martin Cannon’s appointment as Group Parts Manager is set to bring dynamic changes to Scot JCB Group. His unique blend of experience, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, promises to enhance our operations and customer relationships. We look forward to Martin's leadership in making our parts department more robust and aligned with the evolving needs of our industry. Welcome aboard, Martin!”

Life Beyond Work

Martin enjoys a variety of personal interests that keep him busy. A family man at heart, he spends much of his free time with his wife and two children. Martin is also an avid football fan, holding a season ticket with his favourite team. His passion for sports extends to attending Formula One races, a testament to his love for speed and competition.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Martin through this introduction and share our excitement about his future contributions to Scot JCB Group.

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Welcome Martin Cannon: Scot JCB Group’s New Group Parts Manager