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National Pothole Day: Unveiling the Impact of Potholes on Our Roads and a Revolutionary Solution

National Pothole Day is an annual event created to remind us of the challenges posed by craters and defects in our roads. Potholes are more than just an inconvenience; they can cause damage, accidents, and frustration for all road users. Well-maintained roads create a strong foundation for communities and economies as they are used in almost every journey – from the school run to business delivery. Good quality roads are also key to encouraging people to use greener, more sustainable forms of transport, such as cycling and buses.

The Problem with Potholes

Potholes present real hazards for commuters and travellers. They damage vehicles often resulting in costly repairs and can cause accidents and injuries for drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians. According to the AA, in 2023 their patrols were called out to, on average, 225 extra breakdowns each day due to poor-quality roads and potholes. The RAC also received an average of 20 callouts per day in 2022 relating to pothole-related vehicle damages and hit its highest number of pothole-related breakdowns in 2023 since 2006.  

Causes and Culprits

Weather fluctuations play a significant role in the creation of potholes. Water seeps into cracks in the road and during colder temperatures the water freezes and expands, causing the road to break apart. This often happens due to water issues and poor drainage resulting in an influx of water on roads. Older roads are more susceptible to wear and tear, allowing potholes to form and existing ones to increase in size. Many de-icing salts and chemicals can also weaken the road surface.

A Revolutionary Solution: JCB’s Pothole Pro

Poor and irregular road maintenance, utilising temporary repair methods, allows potholes to grow larger over time. The JCB Pothole Pro is the perfect solution to permanently fix pothole problems. Find this machine on our wheeled excavator page!

This machine offers a unique 3-in-1 solution, reducing the time required to prepare the road surface for reinstatement by cutting, cropping, and cleaning potholes efficiently, without the need for additional costly resources.

  • Cut: The self-levelling feature works alongside the curb to level damaged road surfaces consistently.
  • Crop: The cropping tool provides a uniform hole profile, ensuring lasting results.
  • Clean: Operators can effortlessly collect and dump chippings with either the bucket or brush, saving time during road surface preparation.

The Pothole Pro boasts unhampered 360-degree visibility, a 4-wheel steer for exceptional manoeuvrability, and a top speed of 25mph, minimising transport costs. With an average repair time of just 8 minutes and costs around half of traditional methods, the Pothole Pro is both cost-effective and efficient.

Success Stories

In early 2023, the JCB Pothole Pro repaired over 23,000 miles of roads. Local authorities, including the Scottish Borders Council, have adopted this revolutionary machine, repairing hundreds of potholes efficiently. The machine is making significant strides in Scotland, with Fife, Midlothian, and North Lanarkshire Councils utilising it to cover a substantial portion of the country's road network.

JCB's Pothole Partnership

In light of National Pothole Day, JCB have entered the 'Pothole Partnership' with the AA, alongside the National Motorcyclists Council, British Cycling, IAM RoadSmart, and the British Motorcyclists Federation. This partnership unveils a five-point plan to help tackle the issue of potholes.


The JCB Pothole Pro stands as a reliable and efficient solution for pothole repairs. Discover how you can benefit from this revolutionary machine and take a proactive step towards smoother, safer roads.

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