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JCB Tracked Excavators: Unleashing the Power of the X Series

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JCB's commitment to excellence shines through in their X Series tracked excavators, engineered for resilience, performance, and operational efficiency. From the robust JCB 131X to the formidable JCB 370X, each model in this series is designed to tackle the most demanding construction, mining, and excavation tasks.

In this blog, we will explore each model within the range in greater detail to help you decide which JCB tracked excavator is right for you.

JCB X Series Range Benefits

Across the X Series range, you will experience several benefits that can help your business save money and improve your operators' working experience.

Exceptional Comfort

Each model within the X Series range offers your operator maximum comfort while they work. The spacious CommandPlus cab features an industry-leading Grammer seat, while the double-cushion viscous mounts help reduce the in-cab noise to only 67dB(A). Each cab is equipped with a powerful HVAC system with 11 vents, ensuring your operators can work comfortably, even in the harshest Scottish winters.

Extreme Strength

JCB dedicated thousands of hours to developing and rigorously testing the X Series range, pushing them to their absolute limits. Machine shaker rig tests simulate 15,000 hours of tracking and vibration. Additionally, 30,000 window and door operations confirm component durability, while climate tests from 55°C to -30°C ensure performance in extreme conditions globally.

Greater Performance

JCB listened to feedback from thousands of customers who needed a machine that could excel in the most extreme conditions. The X Series features large-diameter hydraulic pipes and hoses that boost productivity and efficiency. An innovative hydraulic regeneration system recycles oil across the cylinders, and auto-stop and auto-idle features offer fuel savings of up to 5%.

Excellent Control

The hydraulics for the X Series range of JCB tracked excavators were developed over four years using proven Japanese components to deliver the very best control and efficiency. The proportional controls are customisable, allowing the operator to set their preferred speed and attachment controls. The slew-drive provides high torque on acceleration for even greater control.

JCB's X Series Range: A Model for Every Need

JCB 131X


·       Engine Power: 55kW

·       Maximum Operating Weight: 14,819kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: 0.89m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 6.16m

·       Tailswing: Conventional

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JCB 140X

·       Engine Power: 81kW

·       Maximum Operating Weight: 15,275kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: Up to 0.89m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 6.16m

·       Tailswing: Conventional

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JCB 150X

·       Engine Power: 81kW

·       Operating Weight: 17,861kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: 0.89m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 6.16m

·       Tailswing: Conventional

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 JCB 220X

·       Engine Power: 129kW

·       Operating Weight: 24,743kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: 1.25m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 6.79m

·       Tailswing: Conventional

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·       Engine Power: 129kW

·       Operating Weight: 28,009kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: 1.27m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 6.63m

·       Tailswing: Reduced

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JCB 370X

·       Engine Power: 240kW

·       Operating Weight: 39,888kg

·       Maximum Bucket Capacity: 2.1m³

·       Maximum Dig Depth: 8.36m

·       Tailswing: Conventional

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Choosing the Right JCB Tracked Excavator

Selecting the right excavator involves understanding the specific requirements of your projects:

·       Job Requirements: Consider the scale of the tasks. Larger projects like road construction or major earthmoving will benefit from the higher power of the 245XR or 370X.

·       Environment: Assess the working environment. Compact models like the 131X are ideal for urban areas or confined spaces.

·       Features Needed: Evaluate additional features such as hydraulic attachments and GPS capability based on your operational needs.

JCB's X Series tracked excavators deliver unmatched durability, power, and operator satisfaction. Whether you're undertaking large-scale construction or detailed excavation work, there is an X Series model designed to meet your needs.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact your local depot today and experience the power of precision engineering.

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